Self-release and Clearing Plus

UCAS have implemented two tools, self-release and Clearing Plus, in order to provide you with more flexibility and choice around what and where you want to study, which we hope will be Kingston.

What is self-release?

In the past if you wanted to change the course or university you had made your firm choice, you were required to call the university and ask for them to release you in to Clearing. With the self-release tool, you are able to release yourself into Clearing in order to take up an offer from another university.

This tool will be available from July in your UCAS Hub. To avoid accidentally releasing yourself, the system incorporates a number of warnings to make sure you fully understand what you are about to do.

If you release yourself from your place at Kingston University by accident, don't worry. Providing the course still has spaces available, we will reinstate your offer with the same conditions as your original offer.

Steps to self-release

  • Sign into Hub and click the ‘Decline my place' button on your homepage
  • You will then be taken to a page that explains what you are able to do and there is a drop down question you need to answer in order to confirm you definitely want to release yourself in to Clearing
  • You will receive an email confirming you are in Clearing.

What is Clearing Plus?

The Clearing Plus tool allows you to be matched to appropriate course(s) that you are interested in at universities that have availability. This will show you where you can potentially secure your place at university.

Using the tool, you'll be able to express an interest in those matched courses and have the option to allow the university to get in direct contact with you. It is available to unplaced applicants (students who haven't accepted any offers or have released themselves in to Clearing) in their Hub account.

The UCAS service allows you to move easily between universities if you change your mind about where or what you would like to study. In addition UCAS are also offering individual support through emails, social media, and over the phone.