Support for SMEs

How Kingston University supports SMEs

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Kingston University plays a pivotal role in encouraging economic development through our work with SMEs across the region and beyond. Our services, solutions and initiatives are available across the board, from early-stage start-ups, to those looking to bring innovation and growth to their business. Many of our schemes are subsidised by the government and we have a high success rate securing funding.

We support SMEs in the following ways:


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Feel free to contact us to discuss your challenges and needs in more detail and we can help identify a way forwards.

Help to Grow Management

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Kingston Business School offers extensive entrepreneurial and small business expertise in the form of Help to Grow Management. This is a fast-track, 12-week, practical programme covering the essential areas of management for growth and innovation for SMEs.


Business networks and support organisations

Kingston University Women in Enterprise Network (KUWEN)

Kingston University women in enterprise

KUWEN is a vibrant and supportive community of businesswomen who share business ideas and explore best practice.

Membership is free and benefits include guest speaker events, one-to-one sessions and a support group, with opportunities to discuss business ideas in a supportive and business-focused environment.

Kingston Chamber of Commerce

Kingston University chamber of commerce

Kingston Chamber of Commerce represents the interests of the business community across Kingston. The Chamber provides valuable networking, advice and business opportunities and a packed programme of business-focused events. The Chamber and Kingston University have a strong relationship and work together on a number of projects, including the annual Kingston Borough Business Awards. Kingston Business School also hosts the Chamber's Kingston Business Expo event.

Kingston Innovation Network

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Developed by Kingston University and Kingston Council, the Kingston Innovation Network is a network for businesses and organisations with the aim of encouraging business growth through innovation and collaboration. It offers opportunities for networking, learning from other businesses and regular talks on hot topics such as digital adaptation, agile working, financial support and business growth. The network also promotes access to programmes of support and funding offered by local partners including Kingston University, Kingston Council and South London Partnership.

Join the Kingston Innovation Network LinkedIn Group to connect and collaborate with other businesses and organisations, and find out about events and programmes of support.

Collaborative funding opportunities

Students at Kingston Business School

We know that developing new ideas, products and services can be financially challenging and that finding funding opportunities that are right for you and your business isn't always easy.

With our expert understanding of today's funding environment, we can help you identify, access and apply for funding to help progress your strategic business ideas.