Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

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Create commercial opportunities, licence and develop new intellectual property and apply new knowledge and innovations to your business with the help of the Partnerships and Business Engagement team at Kingston University.

We have experience in taking new research findings and working with businesses to turn them into commercial realities. We can provide advice on intellectual property protection, including patents, and arrange licensing deals and spin-out opportunities. By creating solutions for global challenges, the benefits for all parties can be wide-ranging and extensive.

We have a strong portfolio of technologies, inventions and discoveries to licence, as well as access to a wide network of funders, investors and entrepreneurs. Our team work closely with organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sector to deliver our research, and the technologies and discoveries that this research produces. We have developed simple and open intellectual property policies for our staff and students to ensure our innovations have the best chance of success.

Kingston University has a strong track record for research and an international reputation for academic quality. We conduct ground-breaking and innovative research which leads to new discoveries, inventions and technologies. We strongly believe in giving our research and its innovative results the best possible chance to make an impact on society and the economy.

Case study

Bridges Self Management Ltd is a pioneering programme that empowers stroke survivors to become more involved in their own rehabilitation.

Bridges was successfully spun-out from the university to form a new company. To date, Bridges has reached more than 4500 health and social care practitioners, and 350 healthcare teams.

Case study

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