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Research interests and expertise

Kingston University carries out a wide range of research and offers a wealth of expertise. Many of our researchers have common or complementary interests and work together in teams.

We also have many active research centres, groups, institutes and clusters. Some of these carry out very specialist research and sit within larger centre structures; others are more fluid in nature. Groups of researchers may come together to work on particular projects or to pursue emerging areas of enquiry. Over time a grouping may grow and become recognised as a Centre of Research Excellence.

Please note: For the purposes of this website, our centres and groups have been organised into the broad subject areas below. Please note this is an artificial classification; due to their specialist nature, research teams may actually fall across or between pure disciplines.

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All research centres and groups

  • Aerospace Research Group (ARG)
  • Asia Business Research Centre
  • Behaviour and Practice Research Group
  • Bioimaging Group (BIG)
  • Bioinformatics and Genomic Signal Processing (BioGSP)
  • Business Modelling and Analysis Group
  • Cancer Research Group (CRG)
  • Centre for Earth and Environmental Sciences Research (CEESR)
  • Centre for Fire and Explosion Studies (CFES)
  • Centre for GIS
  • Centre for Health & Social Care Research
  • Centre for Insolvency Law & Policy (CILP)
  • Centre for Research in Employment, Skills and Society
  • Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP)
  • Centre for the Historical Record
  • Clinical and health research group
  • Cognition and Perception Research Group
  • Complex Flow Systems Research Group (CFSRG)
  • Component and Distributed Systems Research Group (CODIS)
  • Computational Language, Acoustic and Speech Processing Group (CLASP)
  • Constructional Materials & Sustainable Technology
  • Consumer Research Group
  • Contemporary Art Research Centre (CARC)
  • Criminology and sociology research
  • Cultural Histories @ Kingston
  • Decisions, Attitude, Risk and Thinking (DART)
  • Design for Body and Material
  • Design for Communication and Image
  • Designed Environments
  • Developmental Psychology Research Group
  • Diabetes and Cardiovascular Research Group (DCRG)
  • Digital Information Research Centre (DIRC)
  • Digital Media for Healthcare
  • Diversity and Inclusion Research Unit (DIRU)
  • Drama research
  • Drug Discovery, Delivery and Patient Care (DDDPC)
  • Employment Law and Policy Research Group
  • Environmental Change Research Group
  • Film, television and new broadcasting media research
  • Geodynamics and Crustal Processes Research Group
  • Globalisation and Law Research Group
  • Helen Bamber Centre for the Study of Rights, Conflict and Mass Violence
  • Human Body Motion Group (HBM)
  • Industrial Control Research Group (ICRG)
  • Infection and Immunity Research Group (IaI)
  • Institute for Leadership and Management in Health
  • Interdisciplinary Hub for the Study of Health and Age-related conditions (IhSHA)
  • Iris Murdoch Archive
  • Kingston Writing School
  • Knowledge, Process and Project Management Group
  • Learning and Teaching Enhancement Centre (LTEC)
  • Learning Technology Group (LTG)
  • Life Narrative Research Group (LNR)
  • London Graduate School
  • Longitudinal Statistics Group (LStats)
  • Materials and Composites Research Centre (MCRC)
  • Medical Information and Network Technologies Research Centre (MINT)
  • Modern Interiors Research Centre (MIRC)
  • Molecular Electronics and Photonics Group
  • Music research
  • Operations Research and Management Science
  • People, Place and Environment Research Group
  • Political Economy Research Group
  • Practice Research Unit
  • Project Kingston Africa
  • Radon and Health in the Natural and Built Environment
  • Responsible Innovation Sustainability Entrepreneurship (RISE)
  • Robot Vision Team (RoViT)
  • Scientific Analysis and Visualisation Centre (SAVIC)
  • Small Business Research Centre (SBRC)
  • Social Psychology Research Group
  • Sport, Exercise, Nutrition and Public Health Research Group (SENPHRG)
  • Suburban Studies @ Kingston
  • Sustainability Hub
  • Sustainable Technology Research Centre (STRC)
  • Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Group
  • User Experience (Ux)
  • Vision, Cognition and Neuroscience (VCN)
  • Visual and Material Culture Research Centre (VMCRC)
  • Visual Surveillance Research Group (VSRG)
  • Wellbeing at Work (WWK)
  • Wireless Multimedia and Networking Research Group (WMN)