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We provide careers support to Kingston University students and recent graduates through a blend of hands-on, practical training and events combined with a focus on building strong relationships with major and local employers and alumni.

Find out more about how we can support your employment needs and contact us to find out how we can help you to develop your workforce and help you reach your recruitment goals.

Raise your profile

There are a number of initiatives in place for employers who wish to raise their profile on campus, including sector-specific recruitment fairs, the opportunity to host your assessment day on campus, on-campus interviews and sponsorship of our activities and events.

We offer a tailored approach to on-campus activities and we would be happy to discuss your current needs. Please contact us for further information.

Raise your profile

Recruit Kingston talent

Our recruitment team can provide innovative solutions to help meet your resourcing objectives. Their expertise spans across the public and private sector, including retail, finance, law, professional services, non-profit, IT, engineering, media, marketing, further education and the built environment – this allows us to tailor our approach to your organisation's needs.

Advertise your job for free

Kingston University's online jobs board, Handshake, provides a free-of-charge recruitment service to promote your paid vacancies to current students and graduates.

You can upload your job(s) quickly and easily, directly on to Jobs Central free of charge. For more information, please contact us on 020 8417 7445 or email

Depending on your needs, find out more about who you can recruit from Kingston University:


Kingston graduates have been provided with opportunities throughout their university career, to enhance their employability skills with part-time work, internships and placements which in turn ensures they are prepared for the 'real world'.

The benefits of hiring a Kingston graduate include:

  • Affordable – graduates tend to earn lower salaries than experienced hires but their fresh and enthusiastic approach offers huge potential.
  • Fresh thinking – graduates can inject new ideas and enthusiasm into a business. Recruiting graduates from Kingston can also increase diversity within the work team.
  • Ready to mould – graduates have developed a habit for learning, evaluation and continuous improvement so will seek to continuously learn in the working environment. University life can also prepare them well for change, making them an adaptable hire.
  • Solid business skills – Kingston University has reviewed its academic framework to ensure employability is at the core of all courses. Studying allows students an opportunity to enhance many transferable skills, such as presentation skills, analytical skills, oral and written communication skills and problem-solving abilities. Technical courses will also provide the latest technical skills which can help to quickly align your business with the latest trends.
  • Succession planning – by providing a career path for a graduate which enables them to reach management level within your business can help solve succession planning concerns.

Placement students

We work closely with local, national and international business to ensure they reap the benefits of hiring a placement student. Our placement service is completely free and Kingston placement students can offer your business:

  • a flexible and economical recruitment solution for up to 12 months
  • a fresh and enthusiastic approach to a new project, which supports your business needs
  • a specific skill-set into the business, based upon the latest academic research and teaching
  • an opportunity to make a head start and introduce top talent at placement year, to re-hire as a ready-trained graduate

The placement offers Kingston students 'real world' exposure to work which provides huge benefits to the student, by enhancing their employability skills.

We recognise that a 12-month commitment may not suit all businesses, as a result we encourage shorter, flexible placements or internships that better suit your business needs.

70% of students who partake in a placement at Kingston secure a graduate role with that organisation after graduating.


An internship allows you to hire a student for a more flexible period. It often caters for short-term, intermittent, or project-based business need. This mutually beneficial approach to work is cost effective and flexible for the employer, while also offering vital exposure to specific sectors of interest for Kingston students.

Students for part-time work

We can advertise your part-time vacancies for free to thousands of Kingston students. Kingston has a high proportion of commuter students when compared to other universities, so please take advantage of our ready-made commuters, who are highly motivated to start work.

International students

In today's fast-moving, competitive, globalised world it has never been more important to build a global workforce. We regularly support employers who wish to recruit international students from Kingston University for graduate employment, internships, placements and part time work. We can support employer recruitment needs for international students here in the UK, and in the students' country of origin.

There are many benefits for employing an international student into your organisation here in the UK, and overseas in the students' home country.

International students:

  • can bring language skills into your organisation
  • often arrive in the UK with a variety of experience from their home country
  • bring cultural awareness and diversity
  • bring knowledge of their home country, which your organisation may be looking to expand into
  • study a variety of subjects at varying academic levels from undergraduate to PhD

Find out about the legal requirements for employing international students from the Home Office.

Career events

Career events

The part-time jobs fair and the summer opportunities fair are a great way to promote casual and flexible work opportunities within your organisation.

Many of our students are commuters and are looking for opportunities across London and Surrey. A stand at our fairs costs a small fee and many employers sign up students on the day as ready-picked motivated and enthusiastic workers.

For more information about the part-time jobs fair or the summer opportunities fair, please contact us.

FAQs for employers

How can I advertise my vacancy?

We have an online jobs board – Handshake – to publicise part-time work, internships, placements and graduate jobs. This service is free of charge to employers. You will need to register and accept the terms and conditions before posting.

How can I raise my employer brand on campus?

We offer a variety of ways for employers to raise their brand on campus. Recruitment fairs, Handshake, mentoring and sponsorship of our events are just a few ways you can profile your brand to our students. To discuss your individual needs please contact us.

Do you organise recruitment fairs?

We run specific subject, industry-driven recruitment fairs during the autumn term.

Can you help me recruit from specific degree subjects?

Yes. We operate with a unique structure, whereby each faculty has an assigned employability consultant who is able to promote your opportunities directly to the specific students you require. Additionally, we organise subject-specific recruitment fairs during the autumn term.

Contact the Careers and Employability team

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, please contact us via email at or call us on (+44) 0208 417 7445.

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